How to Choose the Best Toys for Babies

A mother playing with her baby with a colorful plush ball.

Every parent wants what’s best for their child, which means giving them the right tools and experiences to grow and develop. Joynergy is here to help! We’re passionate about fostering healthy development and strengthening familial bonds, which is why our monthly children’s subscription boxes are designed with you and your child’s needs in mind.

In our last post, we discussed the importance of toys and play to healthy development for children. Today, the team behind our monthly subscription boxes for toddlers is getting a little more specific: what kinds of toys are best for growth and development in babies? When should your baby graduate from rattles to race cars?

The truth is, a toy doesn’t necessarily have to be labelled as “educational” to be a critical part of your child’s education about the world. Read on to learn more about how to choose age-appropriate toys for your child, and if you’re interested in signing up to receive monthly toy boxes, subscribe to Joynergy today!

Age-Appropriate Toys in Early Childhood Development

Experts agree that the first five years of life will have a lasting effect on a child’s brain development, their ability to learn and grow, their social skills, and more.

Toys play a huge role in development at this stage of life. They can stimulate a baby’s senses, help them develop their imagination and dexterity, and teach about cause-and-effect. They can help toddlers to refine their fine and gross motor skills, practice problem solving, and hit developmental milestones faster. They can give older children their first taste of the alphabet, basic math, and conflict resolution.

Some people may think that babies don’t get much out of toys. This is far from the case! Baby toys are crucial for early development, and in fact, some researchers believe that babies as young as one month old can benefit from exposure to the right kinds of toys and learning through play. It’s never too early to begin investing in your child’s development!

So, let’s talk about the best toys for babies:

Young Babies (1 to 6 Months)

Younger babies benefit from toys that stimulate their senses: bright colors and new sounds can encourage their young brains to build neural pathways that recognize and process external stimuli.

As adults, we think of these as basic and automatic skills, but that’s only because our baby brains did the hard work up-front to make them automatic. Remember, babies have to start from scratch, and it’s critical to develop these sensory neural pathways early on. Eventually, these will become some of the most deeply ingrained and highly trafficked pathways in the brain — and with the right toys to help, this can happen sooner rather than later!

Age-appropriate toys for babies this young include:

  • Rattles
  • Mobiles
  • Soothers / Binkies
  • Colorful stuffed animals
  • Anything that they can safely grab, swat, pull, kick, shake, squeeze, etc

Older Babies (7 to 12 Months)

As your child grows and starts reaching for toys (instead of just death-baby-gripping whatever you put in their hand), then you’ll know it’s time to introduce some more complex toys that will help develop their hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.

Introduce your baby to basic problem-solving toys — and we mean really basic problem solving here, as in “If I push this button, it makes a sound.” At this stage of life, your little one is busy learning about cause and effect and how to physically interact with the world. They may repeat the same actions over and over again until they’ve mastered them, and they will likely enjoy simple activities like transferring toys between hands or into and out of containers.

Through trial, error, and maybe a little parental guidance, babies can build up their confidence in figuring out how different toys work.

Age-appropriate toys for this age range include:

  • Building blocks
  • Busy boxes
  • Toys with buttons, lights, and sounds
  • Light-up dance mats

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